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Our Core Competencies

One-Stop Marketing Solutions


Xideas is an innovative advertising and marketing firm for properties based in Malaysia. We specialize in providing holistic marketing solutions attuned to your brand vision and project direction. Our philosophy behind every strategies transcend beyond creating supply for a demand.

We market to create demand for a supply.

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End-to-end Marketing Solutions
for Property Developers

Xideas provides a complete marketing solution which includes bespoke consultancy, branding and conceptualisation, videography, 3D visualisation and 360° virtual tour, digital marketing, generate and convert leads as well as after-sales support.

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Powerful X-Model Lead Conversion System

Increase conversion rate of unsold inventories with the X-Model hybrid system built on Xideas’ core competencies in digital marketing and real estate.

Our industry-proven techniques have generated millions of impressions, resulting in multi-million dollar worth of sales. 

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Extensive Coverage of Properties Across Malaysia

With our actively updated and robust database, we'll make sure your property get to the right people.

Our breath of nationwide coverage across Central, Northern and Southern Malaysia, combined with specialist services and market insights, means we’ll always have an expert right where your project has presence in. 

Our Core Competencies

Our Services

We specialize in curating unique and engaging marketing strategies for property developments that connects with your audience in every possible way.

Our Services

Branding and Conceptualisation

We craft unique storyboarding to capture and accentuate what makes your project, the ideal home for prospective buyers. Whether it is security, luxury or comfort, our branding strategies targets all angles to build long lasting impression, by fostering a positive brand association on a highly personal, engaging and professional level.

Our Services

3D Perspective & Rendering

Bringing your architects' drawings to life, we take pride in our ability to combine resources, designing know-how and incorporate the finest detail of visuals with great care, to bring illustration to a whole new level. Our approach to visual designing is backed by an eye for detail, color, lighting and composition to deliver visuals that works in harmony with the project’s branding.

Our Services

Video Production and 360° Virtual Tour

Video commercials is an extremely powerful tool to introduce new projects and drive massive awareness in the shortest time. We incorporate a fusion of fun, humor, music and storytelling elements to differentiate your offerings from the mass. Xideas partners with the top creative talents, musicians and media strategists to design visual commercials and 360° virtual tour that appeals to multiple senses, turning viewers into customers.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Build brand, empower the audience and move consumers to action. We put ourselves into your targeted audience’ shoes to create interesting narratives and impactful campaigns to effectively channel your message to your targeted market segment at the lowest possible cost whilst tracking live results.

Our Services

Property Bloggers & Influencers Network

Benefit from acceleration in awareness, traction and credibility by having your adverts placed at where audience notices it; in a natural and native context. Combined with Xideas’ strategic campaign targeting the right audience, you can now sit back and watch how Xideas’ panel of  industry experts influencers further stir curiosity and quell doubts for your upcoming projects

Happy Customer

Clients Testimonials


Brilliant, robust digital marketing skills demonstrated by the Xideas team. Thoroughly professional in their work, our partnership has assisted my company tremendously with the leads and appointments generated. In real estate, no KPI speaks volume louder than the conversions and I’m utmostly pleased with the result.

Dato Sri Dr. Lee Ville

Chairman, REHDA Youth


Through their compelling creative ads and eccentric ideas, Xideas has helped us to create prominent project awareness across social media. Strong number of appointments and conversions is a testament to their diligent effort. Looking forward to having more partnerships with them for our future launches.

Angela Ong

General Manager, Symphony Life

Introducing Properly

Our Very Own Platform

At Properly, we understand buying a property will often be your single biggest purchase in life. It is our goal then to provide you with as much information and comparisons for you to make the most proper decision on it. Lending you a hand, we break down the complex steps into smaller ones , from downpayment, to loan eligibility, legal fees and more. Save your time for site visits comparisons by engaging us. We look forward to walking with you in your journey of owning a home for you and your family.

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Select a location to view all the latest upcoming and future projects for you to compare at your fingertips. 

Just a few clicks away, access the different layouts and facilities of projects together with their nearby amenities.

Obtain insights with actual data from verified source to provide you with increased confidence in your preferred area.

Our experienced team of dedicated personnel will advise you on the available projects and layouts based on your needs and affordability. From affordable housing to luxury villas, we will walk you through the process of owning a property seamlessly- searching & shortlisting, loan eligibility and application all the way to unit booking.

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