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Virtual Sales Gallery: Why Do Property Developers Need One Stat?

A virtual sales gallery is rapidly becoming a game-changer as it can raise brand awareness, drive sales, and elevate customer service to new heights. 

If you are looking for a way to showcase every aspect of your project on one platform and keep potential buyers engaged at the same time, a virtual sales gallery is the ideal solution. 

Read on to learn what this cutting-edge technology has to offer both buyers and property developers, and how you can create your very own virtual sales gallery.

What is a virtual sales gallery?

A virtual sales gallery allows a potential buyer to tour an existing or unbuilt sales gallery without having to be physically present. 

Think of it as the street view feature on Google Maps but for properties. Yes, buyers are basically the little orange person (also known as Pegman) in this scenario.

virtual sales gallery

With the advancement of technology in the real estate industry, aspiring homeowners can now experience a 360° virtual sales gallery with nearly accurate space perception. You’ll feel as if you’re actually there! 

What a neat piece of technology, isn’t it? All you need is an electronic device – be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. And just like that, you are one step closer to owning the home of your dreams. 

How does a virtual sales gallery work?

Okay, a virtual sales gallery is amazing and all, but how does it actually work? 

Well, unlike videos and photos, this innovative system gives potential buyers a more immersive and accurate view of a sales gallery.

From show units, masterplan, interactive maps and layouts to embedded videos, live chat, and even aerial tours, Xideas offers modular services to give a lifelike experience for your projects. You can easily customise and add these powerful features to your virtual sales gallery.

Your sales gallery, but better 

While 2D visuals in real estate marketing are present today, 3D property viewing has risen to become the preferred choice – for the right reasons. 2D visuals were the primary method of introducing new and existing properties. 

virtual sales gallery

However, 2D visuals can be tricky to grasp, especially for first-time homebuyers. To illustrate, they might misinterpret a home’s layout or the size of each room.

In essence, including a virtual sales gallery can drastically improve your chances of selling them. As a matter of fact, property listings with virtual sales galleries generate more inquiries than those without. 

This is because the immersive experience offers potential buyers reassurance and confidence in buying a property.

A virtual sales gallery is an effective complementary method when it comes to understanding all there is to know about a project. Moreover, one thing is for sure, having a virtual sales gallery provides a fully interactive experience and a stunning presentation to buyers.

Are virtual sales galleries the future of property viewing?

Most likely, yes. Think about it: with technological advancements nowadays and also the need to buy everything online, virtual sales galleries may be the way forward when it comes to buying a property.

You see, prospective homebuyers want convenience, accessibility, and most importantly, control over the information they get during their property hunt. That is where virtual reality (VR) technology, such as a virtual sales gallery, comes in. VR has already transformed many industries, not only real estate, and has unlocked countless possibilities! 

The creation of virtual sales galleries, for instance, is loved by buyers and property developers alike. Developers can present their property listings more effectively and engagingly. And buyers can easily view more than one property in a single sitting, and they can do that whenever and wherever they please. 

Having a virtual sales gallery has many benefits, and here’s why.

Why do buyers like virtual sales galleries?

Increased convenience

Forget buying expensive VR headsets. Potential buyers can now experience visiting a sales gallery at their fingertips for free. With a virtual sales gallery, buyers could simply use a web browser on any electronic device to explore as they wish. 

24-hour access to the sales gallery

Imagine having the ability to learn about a specific property at any time you want without leaving your home. Well, a virtual sales gallery allows you to do just that. Potential buyers can search for their dream homes at their leisure, anytime and anywhere. In some cases, you can even chat with a live agent at any time.

An immersive experience

Where video falls flat, virtual sales galleries provide potential buyers with more than just visuals. Buyers can take a full, comprehensive sales gallery tour virtually and can visualise every nook and cranny on their own terms with a few clicks. 

This, in turn, facilitates the decision-making process for potential buyers, as they are provided with all the information they need (all in one spot) to make a final decision. They can zoom in and out on the 3D model to get a better sense of the space in an interactive way. 

How would virtual sales galleries help developers?

It is time-saving

When you list a piece of property for sale, you may receive multiple phone calls from potential buyers, resulting in many appointments, which takes a lot of time.

Virtual sales galleries can help minimize the number and duration of open houses required to sell a property. This also translates to fewer frivolous showings, which brings us to the next point.

Attract more serious buyers

With a virtual sales gallery, you can avoid looky-loos or low-intent buyers. These “buyers” are only curious and may not purchase in the end, or worse: they have no intention of buying the property in the first place.

You see, when it comes to looking for the right home, serious buyers are looking to buy with confidence. Therefore, a virtual sales gallery will not only pique their interest but trust, and increase their desire to commit. This is all thanks to the immersive experience that they will get during their visit to your virtual sales gallery.

Those who are truly interested will call and request additional information. This frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business such as your buyers’ needs. 

Ability to learn your buyers’ needs

One of the most effective ways to use a virtual sales gallery is to better understand your buyers. 

Developers can collect data on what potential buyers are looking at the most during their tours through the usage of hotspots. 

Hotspots are clickable elements that enable the viewer to move from one spot to the next. This feature directs the viewer to the desired location. 

Great results at a small cost

Visiting a physical sales gallery be guided on properties can be costly for the prospects, especially if the meet-up point requires them to travel far. Prospective clients may already find this demotivating.

You can easily avoid these unwanted situations with a virtual sales gallery (which might be more affordable than you think). You would only have to upload the virtual sales gallery to your website so buyers can tour themselves ahead of time.

Better presentation for your clients

It is critical to stand out in an extremely competitive industry. Virtual sales galleries are the most impactful type of content used in the real estate industry to better present property listings to clients. 

With high-resolution visuals and photorealistic 3D renders, you have the option to customise your virtual sales gallery to reflect the unique aesthetic of your brand. 

Turn your ideas into a remarkable presentation, and we can help you do that in style. You can either replicate the physical sales gallery or create a new one without compromising quality and familiarity, so it is as close to your imagination as possible.

Increase website traffic

You can effortlessly add features like virtual tours to your sales gallery to boost user engagement. 

Property listings with virtual tours receive over 40% more clicks. More clicks equal higher website traffic and higher sales. Furthermore, your real estate website will rank prominently in search results. 

Wider buyer outreach

According to the National Association of Realtors, most buyers begin their home-buying process by searching online for available properties to narrow down their options.

So, if your website ranks top in search results, you will undoubtedly gain recognition, boosting your online presence and reaching more potential buyers worldwide.

Immerse yourself in virtual sales galleries we created

Sime Darby Property

Sime Darby has many property options you can choose from to suit your lifestyle needs. Their 360° virtual sales gallery can help you find your ideal Sime Darby property in a matter of clicks! 

A master plan of Bandar Bukit Raja welcomes you as you enter the virtual sales gallery, where you can also find an interactive map of this township near the area. The virtual sales gallery features hotspots, comprehensive property listings, and even a 2-minute guided tour of Bandar Bukit Raja backed by relaxing music.

Filter through to generate a list of properties for you to explore. Then, tap on the property you want.

Tropicana Corporation Berhad

Easily navigate your way through Tropicana’s virtual sales gallery and discover the dream home at your leisure. This virtual sales gallery boasts beautiful 3D visuals and plenty of user-friendly features with integrated videos and background music. 

The virtual sales gallery also has interactive cards, and there is one that allows viewers to search for a specific property by filtering the location, property type, and price range. 

Want to know your home loan eligibility? There is a feature for that too. Click on the ‘Loan Screening’ button and answer the questionnaire pop-up.

MKH Berhad

Like the previous two virtual sales galleries, MKH Berhad has many powerful features to better showcase its property listings to potential buyers. The click-and-drag feature, for example, makes it easier for viewers to get a complete panoramic experience of MKH Berhad’s virtual sales gallery

Additionally, interested investors and homebuyers can immerse themselves in 3D virtual tours of the various properties available. Just head over to the ‘Featured Properties’ section once you are on the main landing page. Here, you can find MKH Berhad’s current, upcoming, and completed projects.

Create your own virtual sales gallery for your properties

Now that you understand how virtual sales galleries work (perhaps even having experienced a few), why not try it for your business?

It is an excellent way to reach more clients and grow your real estate business. They provide the viewer with an accurate and immersive representation of a sales gallery.

Whether it is for commercial or residential development, we want your properties to stand out. At Xideas, we turn your imagination into accurate, high-resolution visuals by producing photorealistic 3D renderings for your virtual sales gallery.

Inspire buyers and grow your real estate business with us!

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